Welcome to the Van Speybroeck Family Web Site.

Please look around, this is your web site. Inside you will find copies of some of the Ship Manifests of Van Speybroecks coming to America. A Family Photo Album that you can share your photos and movies. On the Recipe page, you will find some awesome recipes. Be sure to share your recipes, by emailing them to us. You will also find a bulletin board where you can post a message, happenings, or findings. A links page, a list of web sites about Belgium, Van Speybroecks, you never
know what you will find. And of course you will find The Van Speybroeck Family Tree.

Some of the surnames you will find on our family tree are. Bagley, Baugher, Bell, Byrd, De Meyere, De Nie, DeClerk, Delp, DHaenens, DHenaens, Francis, Freeze, Gingle, Gingl, Ginn, Goethals, Havens, Helslanders, Herman, Holliday, Huegele, Mason, McCoy, McDermott, Miller, Pauwels, Piepers, Pieters, Rombout, Rumley, Schwab, Van de Velde, Van Landschoot, Van Speybroeck, Van Spybrook, Venst, West, Willemarck, Zimmerman. If you have any of the names above on your family tree please email us. We maybe able to help each other.

To see The Van Speybroeck Family Tree just email us with your
member name and password of your choice, and with why you would like to see The Van Speybroeck Family Tree. With your member name and password you can also upload your own family photos and movies. Just check out The Family Photo Album for more information.

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Tom Van Speybroeck

PS To see the movies please click the link to download QuickTime.