Van Speybroeck Family Tree

My branch of the family tree (tak 3) now has over 120 people on it, but there is much more work to be done. We now have three Taks or branches to the family tree. We are now working on making the link to the other two branches. We believe that Tak 3 comes from Adegem (Den Appelboom). Please check out the link and if you have any information please email us.

Here is a list of surnames that can be found inside. Bagley, Baugher, Bell, Byrd, De Meyere, De Nie, DeClerk, Delp, DHaenens, DHenaens, Francis, Freeze, Gingle, Gingl, Ginn, Goethals, Havens, Helslanders, Herman, Holliday, Huegele, Mason, McCoy, McDermott, Miller, Pauwels, Piepers, Pieters, Rombout, Rumley, Schwab, Van de Velde, Van Landschoot, Van Speybroeck, Van Spybrook, Venst, West, Willemarck, Zimmerman If you think you can be of help, Please email us today.

To enter the family tree you need a member name, and password. Email us your preferred member name and password, along with your family link to one of the names above. If you have your password please enter by clicking the link at the top of this page.