Peel the potatoes, and wash them in cold water. Cut in slices of approx. 0.5 inch width, and then cut again slices of 0.5 inch width in the perpendicular direction.(they become rectangular frites rods) Wash the frites in cold water, and dry them in a clean kitchen towel.

Heat the oil in the pot up to 275-300F

Put the dried frites in a stainless steel net and put that in the pot, let them fry for 10 min. Take the net with the frites out of the oil.

Heat the oil up to 350-360F

Put the frites (in the net) in the oil for max. 3 min (they must not become brown!)

Pour the frites in a bowl, covered with baking paper (takes await most of the remaining oil).

We eat the frites with steak and salad and tomatoes (typical Belgian dish), but you can eat them with all kinds of meat or fish.

Smakelijk! Dutch for “Have a good appetite! 

From Nadine Van De Velde, Belgium

Freedom Fries, French Fry, or chips. Check out The story of Belgian frites.pdf.

Download this recipe BelgianFrites.pdf


Vegetable oil that can be heated up to 356F (in Belgium we use brand names as Solo, Vitelma,Resi)

6 middle great potatoes (for 2 persons)

Special heating pot (with thermostatic heating control) to put the oil in (isolated with stainless steel inner coating), filled for approx. one inch and a half with oil